NB Coatings maintains a high standard in everything we do. As a large organization we develop policies to help ensure our company values are demonstrated at every level of our business. Our policies can be viewed below.


NB Coatings, Inc. will be the preferred supplier to our served markets in North America. We will accomplish this status by providing world class products and services, on time, at a reasonable cost and at a high value to our Customers.

Mission & Commitment

NB Coatings, Inc. has a mission to:

  • Create a safe work environment that positively contributes to the Environment and our Community.
  • Leverage our diverse workforce to promote Creativity and Teamwork.
  • Meet our customers’ expectations and requirements through execution of 3S (Service, Speed, and Stability) to significantly improve Customer Satisfaction.
  • Create a Continuous Improvement Culture to enable us to deliver products faster, with improved Quality and at a lower cost.
  • Understand that earning a reasonable profit allows our Company, Employees, and Society to prosper.

As a leader in the design, manufacture and service of automotive and specialty coatings, Top Management is committed to providing our Customers, Owners, Employees, Community, Suppliers and the Government with products, services and facilities that are Safe, Healthful, Environmentally Responsible and Quality Conscious.

Top Management will live up to this commitment by setting up appropriate goals, targets and objectives in the following areas:

  • Compliance with all applicable legal, regulatory, customer and corporate requirements
  • Prevention of work related injuries and illnesses
  • Pollution prevention
  • Security of our operations and facilities
  • Sustainable development through the efficient use of natural resources
  • Compliance with IATF 16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO17025
  • Compliance with OSHA’s Voluntary Protection program (VPP)
  • Continuous improvement
  • Developing and promoting interested party relationships, promoting openness and a two way dialog

Top Management will allocate resources to achieve the goals, targets and objectives and will review progress towards them. We are committed to continually improving our performance on pollution prevention and elimination of work related injuries and illness with the ultimate goal of complete interested party satisfaction.

Takeshi Nakano

President & Chief Executive Officer