Did You Know?

NB Coatings manufactures some of its own paint, pigment dispersions, and paint additives.
Combining the strengths of the Nippon Paint and Rohm and Haas Automotive Coatings businesses from which it emerged, NB Coatings has built upon the traditions and history of its predecessor companies to forge its own identity with five core values: Global Leadership, Innovation, Service, Trust and Quality.

NB Coatings origins can be traced back to the founding of Bee Chemical in 1945 and Nippon Paint in 1881. Bee Chemical developed expertise in paint-on-plastics and formed a joint venture with Nippon Paint in Japan in 1971. Since then, the two companies have collaborated across the globe to serve our customers and build a solid foundation for leadership of the paint-on-plastics industry. Today, NB Coatings serves OEM and tier suppliers around the globe and is the leader in paint-on-plastics for both domestic and transplant OEMs in North America.

Message from the President:

The formation of NB Coatings begins a new chapter in the 40 year history of Bee Chemical and Nippon Paint Company. These two companies have partnered since the 1960s with joint ventures formed through the years in Japan, China, and North America. The single ownership will significantly enhance our ability to compete worldwide as each company contributes their unique strengths to provide:
  • A focus on automotive customers
  • A global automotive coatings product portfolio
  • A global automotive industry network with OEMs
  • Innovative solutions for our customers coating challenges
Automotive paint is our primary business and our future path will expand our global automotive knowledge and enhance our global networking capabilities thereby helping our North American customers to serve an expanding OEM base. With global best practice insight, we will continually improve our technology, processes, and quality systems as we build a stronger future together.

Hidefumi Morita
CEO, NB Coatings