History of NB Coatings

NB Coatings can trace its history back to 1945 when Johan Björksten satisfied his need for innovation by establishing his own research organization. Björksten was born in Finland and had travelled to the United States to do post-doctoral research at the University of Minnesota. His research organization satisfied his curiosity and he experimented with machining fluids and paints for plastics. His main interest was the actual process of producing something new and not the manufacturing of any of the products he developed; which is why Madison “Al” Self, a chemical engineer, eventually bought the paint company. This is how Bee Chemical was born, a company that mainly focused on coatings for polystyrene.

It was not long before Nippon Paint Co. started collaborating with Bee Chemical. In 1971, the companies formed Nippon Bee Chemical Co. to meet the demand for paint for plastics in the Japanese automotive market. 14 years later, Morton International acquired the business from Self and it was renamed as Morton Automotive Coatings.

It was in 1996 that Nippon Paint and Morton Automotive Coatings joined their efforts in a new venture: Morton Nippon Coatings. 3 years later, Rohm & Haas Company finalized the acquisition of Morton International which was now called Rohm & Haas Automotive Coatings. It was in 2006 that Nippon Paint made the decision to acquire the latest incarnation of what Björksten had started in 1945.

Innovation has always been at the core of NB Coatings. From its very beginnings, the desire to create something that has not been achieved before and to bring new solutions to the table has made NB Coatings a key player in the industry. We are proud of our history as it has left its mark on the men and women that are the essence of our company. We are always ready to face new challenges and we give our clients the highest level of quality with every product we develop.