Welcome to NB Coating’s New Site

Because NB Coatings is the world leader in paint on plastics, the company is striving to modernize its web presence and has launched a brand new website. The new site offers many new features such as a responsive design that will look just as good on a mobile device as on a laptop or desktop PC monitor. The site is faster to load and has been completely overhauled. NB Coatings looks forward to expanding the scope of the site to cover the range of jobs available and what they can offer to new employees.

What is Paint-on-Plastics?

Plastic is one of the most common materials in the world, we use it every day without even noticing. There are different types of plastic that serve a multitude of uses so it is not surprising that this versatile material has made its way into the automotive industry. Plastic is a light material that also reduces the cost of production. Car bumpers, fascias and dashboards are a few of the parts of the vehicle made from plastic. It is estimated that an average car would weigh up to 300 kg more if some of its components were not made from plastic, which means that the car would use more fuel.

As much praise as the use of plastic in cars can get there is one slight issue, painting it is not easy. That is where NB Coatings has stepped in. NB Coatings has been a leader in its field since the 1960’s. Throughout the years, it has developed innovative products that fulfill the demands of the market. Waterborne interior lacquer, enamel adhesion promoter and the high-solids 1K low-bake exterior basecoat would not exist without the extensive research that makes NB Coatings stand out. Every batch of paint is made thinking about each client’s requirements and following strict global standards to deliver the best colors and finishes.