Working at NB Coatings as a Resin Operator

Resin Operator is one of the most important full time jobs we have for offer at NB Coatings. If you have strong communication skills and can present information in an effective manner, you may be a great candidate for this job.

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There are pre-requisites for the job: We require all candidates to have a high school diploma as well as a Chemical, Electrical or Mechanical Technician certification. Chemical manufacturing experience of three years or more is important with a preference to applicants who have worked with polymer or reaction chemistry. The applicant should have a Fork Truck Certification and preferably training in HAZMAT equipment, such as Hazpower.

Chosen candidates for the Resin Operator job will be handling raw materials and heavy equipment according to the production schedule and company standards, specifications and procedures. Resin operators use pressure reactors and other equipment, such as the distributed control system, condensers, pumps and flow meters to convert raw materials into finished polymeric materials. Quality testing will need to be performed using analytical equipment, such as ovens, balances, gas chromatographs, titrators and viscometers. Paperwork, including reports, will need to be completed as well as any work orders required to start the reparation of equipment.

The ability to follow safety protocols, conform to procedures and instructions to load raw materials, and meet production deadlines is imperative. NB Coatings employees are often called to work on Spill Response teams, continuous improvement teams and take part in First Aid programs.

Being part of the NB Coatings team comes with many benefits. Medical, dental and vision coverage is included for all employees. Additionally, we offer 401k, life insurance, paid holidays and sick leave. There is also assistance available for tuition and a range of other perks enjoyed by our employees. There is a requirement to be flexible for work, including overtime and weekend hours if a project’s deadline deems it necessary.