Your Path to Success

NB Coatings takes pride in its long history. Since its early stages, the company has been responsible for important breakthroughs in the paint on plastics industry. Behind every can of paint, there is a great deal of dedication and teamwork. NB Coatings is not only proud of its history but also of the people that are a part of it. Our goal is to provide impeccable products and services to our clients and we know that the only way to achieve it, is by creating a positive work environment.

Today NB Coatings stands as one of the leaders in the industry and we wish to go even further. We are continuously searching for new talent that can be part of our projects and that shares our innovative approach. To say that NB Coatings is full of opportunities is an understatement: we are also full of passion and commitment. Research and product development are at the core of our company but there are other fields that are just as important.

The Finance and Accounting department oversees the financial strength and stability of the company. Human Resources plays a key role in finding, retaining and motivating the people who can be part of our mission to become America’s #1 provider in the coatings industry. The Information Technology professionals that work at NB Coatings are integral to our business strategies. The IT team constantly delivers solutions that help our company stand out. The Sales department maintains high standards of customer service and support.

The Technical and Quality departments are an integral part of the work we do at NB Coatings. The research and product development that takes place in our labs help us fulfill our commitments to our clients. The rigorous quality control procedures ensure that all our products meet our high standards and the expectations of our clients.

There is a lot more that goes on at NB Coatings. If you wish to find out more and become part our team, contact us. We know you have a lot to offer.