Working at NB Coatings as a Resin Operator

Resin Operator is one of the most important full time jobs we have for offer at NB Coatings. If you have strong communication skills and can present information in an effective manner, you may be a great candidate for this … Continued

Working at NB Coatings as a Chemist

NB Coatings is often looking for Chemists I-III to help expand our business. If you have a strong work ethic, good communications skills, and can work with a minimal amount of supervision, you could be a great addition to the … Continued

Why NB Coatings: Personal Development

At NB Coatings, we know that to run a tight ship, we need employees that feel satisfied and happy. Our aim has always been to provide customers with the best service, and for that to be possible, we need to … Continued

Your Path to Success

NB Coatings takes pride in its long history. Since its early stages, the company has been responsible for important breakthroughs in the paint on plastics industry. Behind every can of paint, there is a great deal of dedication and teamwork. … Continued