September 1st – Harvey

Dear Valued Customer:

As we are all aware, Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating effect on the coastland areas of Texas in and around Houston. This area has a large concentration of oil refineries and petrochemical plants providing crucial raw materials to a wide range of industries including paint and coatings.

While we do not have an accurate assessment of the effects of this situation on our supply chain, I can state the following:

Short term we anticipate little or no disruption of our supply base

Until the damage to facilities supplying raw materials to us and the length of start up for plants shut down during this crisis can be assessed, we cannot provide any further information to you.

NB Coatings is currently working with our supply base to minimize any supply disruptions.

As the situation progresses I will provide a weekly update on our supply situation. This will be available on our web site:——————-

We are very grateful for your business and are working diligently with our supply base to continue to provide your coatings needs.

Jerry McInerney
Vice President Sales and Business Development
NB Coatings