Why NB Coatings: Career Opportunities

NB Coating has built a reputation as a leader in the automotive coatings industry. When people think about our company, they are not always aware of all the areas that comprise it. NB Coatings is full of exciting opportunities in very diverse areas. Our Human Resources department is in charge of spotting talented professionals and making sure they are happy working with us. After all, this is the only way to take NB Coatings even further.

Technical Jobs at NB Coatings

The Technical team at NB Coatings is at the core of our company. It is thanks to their efforts in research and product development that we are able to stand out in this industry. Our laboratories are constantly working on paint design and color development to deliver the results our clients expect.

NB Coatings’ Quality Assurance Jobs and Quality Control

NB Coatings has dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams to ensure our products meet the highest standards. The professionals in this area are knowledgeable and innovative.

Finance Jobs at NB Coatings

NB Coatings requires financial stability and strength to achieve all our operational goals. The finance and accounting team ensure that our resources are optimized and that our relationships with our customers are always improved.

Information Technology Jobs at NB Coatings

NB Coatings is continually growing in a very competitive market and our IT department has an essential role in our business strategies. Their presence is felt throughout the rest of the company and we appreciate their prompt and creative solutions to our company’s needs.

Jobs at NB Coatings in our Sales Team

Our Sales team plays a vital role at NB Coatings. We are proud of their dedication, which translates into excellent customer service. Our company requires trusting and strong relationships with our clients and we have been able to achieve that thanks to our sales representatives.

Environmental, Health and Safety Jobs at NB Coatings

NB Coatings is committed to protecting the environment, our employees and the public. Our EHS team is there to ensure that we always comply with the laws, guidance and processes to keep everyone around us safe.
These are some of the areas that are part of NB Coatings and that allow us to excel in what we do. We are always interested in welcoming new members to our team so if you are looking for a chance to prove how far you can go, contact us.